Cherry Pill song nominated for AfriMusic contest

Cherry Pill
02/24/2020 19:57:13

“Seasons come, seasons go, but there's one thing that I know; it's that the wheel comes around again” - A song about the cycles of life.

Do these words resonate with you? Then take a listen to our latest AfriMusic song competition entry "The Wheel Keeps Turning":

This song was selected amongst a host of national entries to compete for a spot in the largest song competition in Africa. The winners in each region are given a chance to be represented at the Eurovision Song competition.

Although stylistically it is a fiddle-infused contemporary blues-rock crossover, “The Wheel Keeps Turning” was written to some degree in the spirit of the traditional “work song” sung by African slaves, except that instead of slavery in particular, it sings about the general condition that all of us face, and our “slavery” to the cycles of work, life and death which come around with regularity in spite of our best efforts.

The competition has a voting component from both the public and judges.

To hear this song and other South African artists selected for nomination, visit the voting page at: under Cherry Pill: “The Wheel Keeps Turning”.

This is the second year in a row that Cherry Pill have had one of their songs selected to compete in the AfriMusic Song Competition. In 2019 their song “Take a Bow” also made the national selection list.

The AfriMusic Song Competition accepts unreleased material so the song is as yet unreleased. Cherry Pill are putting the finishing touches to an EP that includes “The Wheel Keeps Turning” set for release later in 2020. Account:
Kristel Birkholtz
Cherry Pill Music
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Cherry Pill