COOL HOT Exhibition to feed your ART mind

Angelika Anastasis
10/10/2016 15:41:25

Artists Angelika Anastasis and Jody Waterson are exhibiting in Joburg. The work is contemporary, new and fresh and at times breathes with the uncomfortable.

Angelika Anastasis and Jody Waterson are excited to share their work with the Johannesburg Art scene. Both are accomplished artists in Durban. Waterson’s work is atmospheric, playing on moods and light, at times erotic. Anastasis’s work is expressive and bright and harbours a naive quality that encapsulates the symbolic. Her use of colour is both unorthodox and refreshing.

Although both Anastasis and Waterson are Durban-based artists, their works hang in a number of homes in Durban and throughout the world. This is their first joint exhibition in Joburg and the artists are excited to meet with other artists, galleries and art lovers.

Please contact Angelika at or 072 395 9596 to rsvp for the exhibition opening on Thursday 27 October, or to make arrangements to come for a viewing of the work. The work will be held exhibited at Q on First for four days before moving on.

A portion of the proceeds from sales (20%) will go to the Kirsty Watts Foundation, which provides medical assistance for children in need. Account:
Angelika Anastasis
Angelika Anastasis Art
072 395 9596 and