SA artist launches Transitions in Germany

Art Source South Africa
02/22/2011 17:35:35

Paul Emmanuel’s touring museum solo exhibition Transitions was opened to the public at the Kunst:raum Sylt Quelle, Sylt, Germany on 18 February.

Transitions has enjoyed success over the years after it launched in October 2008 at the Apartheid Museum. During its international tour Transitions has also been shown at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African Art in May 2010. This is the project’s first European tour. Transitions is initiated in collaboration with Art Source South Africa and managed by Les Cohn. The Transitions drawings form part of the Spier Contemporary Collection, Stellenbosch. In September 2011 it opens at the Maryland Institute of Art (MICA), Baltimore, USA. During 2008-2010 it was exhibited at five South African art museums.

Transitions comprises a series of five ostensibly ‘photographic’ works which, when examined closely, are revealed as sensitively hand-drawn, photo-realist sequences of images. These film-like progressions obsessively capture liminal moments of five transitory stages in life.

A sixth work titled 3SAI: A Rite Of Passage – a 14 minute film produced by the artist – documents the head shaving of new recruits at the Third South African Infantry Battalion (3SAI) in Kimberley. This is one of two South African military training camps that still perform the obligatory hair shaving of army recruits when they join the South African National Defence Force.

For the artist, these moments that he observed raised a number of questions. During South Africa’s Apartheid era, obligatory head shaving was an enforced rite of passage for thousands of white male conscripts. This film extends the content of the second of the five drawings.

Transitions will run until 24 April 2011 at the Kunst:raum Sylt Quelle Foundation.

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