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Local pleas heard by Africa's music industry

Lwazi Nongauza
04/05/2013 09:39:03

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Lwazi Nyanakancesh Nongauza: The inaugural Breath Sunshine Africa Music Conference gave a great wake-up call to African music industry identity revival.

Many creative thinkers and artists gathered at Cape Town City Hall on April 1-2 to pave a path to what could be referred to as the continental music industry.

The two day conference was aimed at demolishing the current on-going divisions and crises and to create more social cohesion while using all available resources to uplift for everyone on the African continent and music professionals working with African music in Europe and the US.

Panellists were made up of experienced music industry players and upcoming artists from recording company labels, to music promoters, music distributors and with recording artists like DJ Tira, Euphonic, Micasa and local Khanyi Mavi,Jack Parrow, Yolanda Yawa, Emile YX?, Bukiwe - the long list goes on.

Conference director Trenton Birch explained why his Black Mango team decided to create such platform for African music industry. "I have always passionate for African music and I strongly believe it one of the powerful tools to unite and empower Africa. I put the idea to our team and they jumped all over it," he said. "The world is waiting for us to step up but to do that we need to be a lot more organized and to try to support the great artists coming out of the country," he concluded

Dj Masaya from Mandalay was the local Cape Town artist at the conference and couldn't stop singing praises for the opportunities that the festival is presenting to local artists. "As Cape Town artists we've been ignored for a very long time by everyone in music industry and this festival is giving us a great networking opportunity with the music industry great minds," he said. "Hopefully this opportunity will see one or two Cape Town artists making a good deal with one of these record labels that are here today."

Afro entertainment boss and record artist Mthokozisi Khathi, commonly known as Dj Tira, believes that such conferences are a good step to the right direction for music industry. "I am really impressed by this conference. This is a very good platform for everyone in the industry. Surely in few years’ time we will see some good results of this festival," he said. "This conference has also a great ability to unite the industry and open good networking platforms for artists throughout the continent. Big up to the team who've made this possible," Tira concluded.

The success of this festival prompted many possible collaborations between Cape Town artists and artists from all over African continent, thus fulfilling a long time plea from locals.

Lwazi Nyanakancesh Nongauza
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