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Two decades collide at Cresta Barnyard SCrIBE Scriptwriting at Cape Town Fringe Exhibit S at Cape Town Fringe Rembrandt in South Africa SAMRO/RIESA bursaries help dreams come true Cirque du Soleil Dance auditions South Africa Laughing all the way to first Cape Town Fringe Skungpoomery auditions at The Playhouse Madala Kunene, Phuzekhemisi at The Playhouse Robert Hamblin exhibits The Colony at UJ Gallery Vocalising emotion through movement Basil Appollis tells his story News

Theatre reps issue statement re EXHIBIT B

Theatre representatives from SA and Abroad release their statement about the recent closure of EXHIBIT B in London. | more...
DIVA PR - 30/09/2014 08:42:08

London performers in EXHIBIT B speak out

The London performers of EXHIBIT B have issued a statement regarding the events surrounding its closure. | more...
DIVA PR - 29/09/2014 09:58:33

One Voice: An African Celebration

Gauteng Opera presents an unique performance, which aims to display the talent versatility of South African artists through music and poetry. | more...
Gauteng Opera - 27/09/2014 08:52:23

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ArtSpoken & Reviews

SCrIBE Scriptwriting at Cape Town Fringe

Samantha Orange: I can’t imagine how nerve-wracking that must have been for Mkhwane, surrounded by knowledgeable vultures picking his script apart. | more...
Samantha Orange - 01/10/2014 13:43:16

Exhibit S at Cape Town Fringe

Benn van der Westhuizen: Artist Thola Antamu strives to unravel the enigma of “The Hottentot Venus” in her one-woman performance art instalment, Exhibit S. | more...
Benn van der Westhuizen - 01/10/2014 13:41:48

Vocalising emotion through movement

Angeliki Theodorou: The fluctuation of a relationship where two people love, fight, argue, make up, lose themselves and inevitably find love again. | more...
Angeliki Theodorou - 30/09/2014 11:10:22

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Editor's Comment

But is it art?

I was recently introduced to a 3-D printer churning out copies of netsuke carvings – nothing like the original, but apparently with more precise scanning and more sophisticated machines, it could be … artists, crafters, the future is a question mark. – Jennifer de Klerk

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Cape Town Fringe Festival

Cape Town Fringe Festival

The National Arts Festival and the City of Cape Town have announced a partnership which will see the launch of a new performing arts festival from 25 September until 5 October 2014.  

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